"Talk to Me"

"Talk to Me"


"Stef and Luc" Acrylic on Board, 8"x10" SOLD

"streetlampdancer" Oil on Canvas 50" x 50"

Untitled 2

"Untitled 2" Oil on Board 16"x20" SOLD

"Cityscape" Oil on Canvas 3' x 7' SOLD

"What Remains" Mixed-Media on Wood

Untitled 1

"Untitled 1" Oil on Canvas 16"x19" SOLD

Love You All the Way to Here

"Love you all the way to Here" Encaustic on Board 8"x10"

"When I Mend" Mixed-Media on Wood


"Hush" Commissioned painting 6"x12"

"threshold" Oil on Canvas 40" x 40"

"pilgrimage" Oil on Canvas 40" x 40"

"severance" Oil on Canvas 40" x 40"

"discernment" Oil on Canvas 40" x 40"

Untitled 3

"Untitled 3" Oil and Pastel on Canvas 32"x46" SOLD

"Vincent" Oil on Canvas

"Tree" Oil on Canvas

Copy: Vermeer's 'Girl in a Red Hat' Oil on Canvas, with frame

Commissioned painting Oil on Canvas

Family Portrait

Commissioned drawing Pen and ink on Bristol

Image from a commissioned mural 20' x 17'

"Tell Me Where It Hurts" Mixed-Media on Wood

"Falling" Oil on Canvas 36" x 48"

"Scary Doll" Commissioned Work

"Just Married" Commission work

Original paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolor and encaustic.  

Please inquire about my work!  I also accept commissions.