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"Talk to Me"

"Talk to Me" Oil on Canvas Price on Request


"Stef and Luc" Acrylic on Board, 8"x10" SOLD

"streetlampdancer" Oil on Canvas 50" x 50" Price on Request

Untitled 2

"Untitled 2" Oil on Board 16"x20" SOLD

"Cityscape" Oil on Canvas 3' x 7' SOLD

"What Remains" Mixed-Media on Wood

Dawn and Tak

"Dawn and Tak" Acrylic on canvas with frame SOLD

Love You All the Way to Here

"Love you all the way to Here" Encaustic on Board 8"x10"

Untitled 1

"Untitled 1" Oil on Canvas 16"x19" SOLD


"Hush" Commissioned painting 6"x12"

"Tree" Oil on Canvas SOLD

"threshold" Oil on Canvas 40" x 40"

"pilgrimage" Oil on Canvas 40" x 40"

"severance" Oil on Canvas 40" x 40"

"discernment" Oil on Canvas 40" x 40"

Untitled 3

"Untitled 3" Oil and Pastel on Canvas 32"x46" SOLD

Family Portrait

Commissioned drawing Pen and ink on Bristol

Copy: Vermeer's 'Girl in a Red Hat' Oil on Canvas, with frame

"Vincent" Oil on Canvas

"When I Mend" Mixed-Media on Wood

Commissioned painting Oil on Canvas

Image from a commissioned mural 20' x 17'

"Tell Me Where It Hurts" Mixed-Media on Wood SOLD

"Falling" Oil on Canvas 36" x 48" SOLD

"Scary Doll" Commissioned Work

"Just Married" Commission work

Original paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolor and encaustic.  

Please inquire about my work!  I also accept commissions. 


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